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Product Manager, Tech Entrepreneur, Mobile App Consultant, Author

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Rodney Rumford

Proven Tech Entrepreneur with Several Successful Exits

His Thoughts About Technology

Technology has the power to connect people and empower us in new and exciting ways. I am continually looking into the latest disruptive and compelling technology to see how it can be best leveraged. I live at the intersection of user psychology and user experience; as this is where product magic occurs and trends begin.

Technology is only a tool. How you chose to use it to drive your business, engage clients and users is crucial for any business. Products are what your customers interact with. It is how they percieve your brand. You need to dedicate resources to distill why you should build the product and how to best do that. This is a challenge for most businesses.

I have started several companies. Some have been very successful; some not so much. What I have learned is that having the vision, team and the ability to strategically and tactically execute the product and business strategy is key to success. One needs to find a gap in the marketplace and deliver a product solution that delights end users to keep them. Technology has the ability to scale and grow a large user base quickly; one of my startups grew to over 42 million monthly users in just 18 months.

Creative and Analytical Product Vision

Building a truly engaging product takes vision as well as the ability to strip it down to the core emotion that it evokes in users. Users come back and continue to use products for emotional reasons, not for features.

Less is More. Products should be designed to allow users to perfrom 1 to 2 core tasks rapidly and feel success. I am proud of the delightful core experiences that my products deliver to users. Just becasue you can add a feature does not mean you should.

Measuring every possible metric is key to fully understanding how and why a user continues to use a product. Having this deep data knowledge allows one to make prioritized product roadmap decisions about how to improve the product and increase users and engagement continually.

Product Management Consulting

Does your business need help figuring out your product? Do you need a fresh set of ideas and deep experience to bring your product to the next level? Full Stack Product Management Consulting Engagements.

From ideation to wire-frames to Product Requirement Documents (PRD) to full development and delivery of your mobile product. We are here to help you on your journey and deliver excellent results. We have built products for Fortune 100 companies as well as start-ups. Our product experience is deep and wide in the mobile space. If you want work with one of the best, brightest, high energy and creative product managers in the industry; then contact me.

Unhook! Training for your Employees

This on-site training engagement will help your employees find better work/life balance and productivey. This 1/2 day training and motivational seminar are sure to energize your employees and have them walk away with new skills and a deeper appreciation for how to best leverage positive smartphone habits. This training is sure to delight your employees. Due to high demand, we have limited availability for 2016. To check available dates Contact me.

My latest book Unhook! illuminates how mobile phones have created very deeply rooted usage habits which are negatively impacting our relationships, happiness, productivity, creativity and stress levels. It helps people to break their phone obsession and live happily in the moment. Give it a read on Amazon as it is sure to provide some thoughtful insights about how you can use your phone in a more mindful manner to give you more free time, increased productivity and reduced stress levels.